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Forum is now live
The past week or so involved me purchasing the domain, installing and setting up the forum software--we use myBB. I had considered using phpBB but it's not open source the way myBB is. Since Radix Fidem is relatively an "open source Christianity," I thought myBB was a choice more in line with our philosophy.

I also installed a cert on the domain so the address will be https and not http (and plus a lot more secure), but for some reason the stylesheets do not load. There is most likely a configuration setting somewhere that I've missed. So for now, access the site at (but you knew that already Wink ). Fixed! http now redirects to https, and all the site resource URLs have been updated.

We use the Tawny theme. Some javascript and stylesheet URLs in the header had to be modified to correct the path to the assets. Other than that, the theme has been unchanged.
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One thing I fixed is the background color and text color of all the text entry fields. forrealone mentioned to me she had trouble with finding the fields to change her password. That's because it's nearly the same color as the background. So I made it pretty obvious where to input text.

If anyone else sees anything weird, post a reply here and I can (probably) fix it.
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Another thing to mention, regarding https vs http. I fear I may have goofed things semi-permanently. I installed the myBB software before I got the domain certified, so all of the resource URLs point toward the http version. This explains why the https version is unstyled: cross-site scripting, which most browsers prohibit, prevent automatically loading resources from different domains, and the browser sees the http version as a different domain.

Going to research a solution for this in the next few days, but I may have to do a backup of the current database, do full reinstall of the myBB software on the https version, then replace the blank, new database with the current one were using. We'll see.

Well, that was easy. myBB has documentation here on switching to https. Just a few admin console and .htaccess file changes. Radix Fidem is now secure. Huzzah!
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Going to lock this thread. The "to do list" for the forum admin and configuration will be the Under Construction thread.
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