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When Christ Returns
He's not going to start from scratch as most Western minds think of it. Again, Creation isn't fallen, just His managers -- us. When Christ returns, He's going to wipe away all that fallen mankind has done. He will restore it to the conditions in Eden.

Until we can first establish the moral truth of God's Law on this earth, nothing else we do can make a damned bit of difference for mankind. Only what reflects God's glory back to Him will stand. The mission for us, then, is first getting this truth established in human awareness -- however He wants us to do it, however much He says it is possible.
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Luckily for me, that's one thing I've always known: the apocalypse as depicted in a lot of literature and media never happens, at least in terms of the "final' events on earth. The earth doesn't explode or die just gets restored.
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